SPRITE Bath Ball Tap Water Filter - White

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The Bath Ball Filter is for people who want an easy to filter their bath water. The Bath Ball will remove/reduce dirt, sediment, odours and chlorine.


Product Description


Immerse yourself and relax 

The Bath Ball filter utilises a patented technology with patented chlorgon and KDF which will reduce/remove dirt, sediment, odours and free and combined chlorine. The filter reduces/ reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits.

  The size is 9.5cm wide, and 8.5cm high.  Your tap length must be a minimum of 9cm long for the bath ball to be securely attached. 

Quick facts:

• Made from non-toxic and recyclable materials.

• Removes/ reduces both free and combined chlorines

• Compact design so it doesn't get in your way when having a bath

• Easy to install on most bath tap as it hangs from the bath tub tap spout

• Each replacement filter lasts approximately 50 full baths.

• Includes one White Bath Ball and one filter.

• If you have 2 taps going into the bath you will need 2 Bath Ball filters


Additional Information

Q: Does the bath ball filter fit all size taps?

A: it will fit most standard taps, it has 2 adjustable velcro straps which can be positioned to fit any size tap.

Q: Does the bath ball filter reduce the flow of the water significantly?

A: No, the water flows freely through the water, the tap cannot be turned onto its full capacity, however, but you still should be able to fill the bath quickly at around 60% of tap capacity.

Q: What contaminants does the bath ball filter reduce?

A:The shower filter will remove/ reduce chlorine, heavy metals (such as lead and mercury), odor, sulfur smell, rust, and scale. It will also moderately reduce sediment.

Q: Does the bath ball filter work like a softener?

A: Not exactly. A softener removes only hard water minerals, like calcium and iron. If you’ve used a softener before, you may have noticed that your skin feels slippery after showering. That is because a softener adds salt to your water as a part of the hard water reduction process, and it makes the soap harder to rinse off of your skin. The shower filter will not add any salt, so the soap will still rinse off easily and leave your skin feeling soft and clean.



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