800ml Outdoor Everyday ADVANCED Filter Bottle

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Get instant access to safe drinking water, wherever in the world you are.  This 800ml water bottle is a proven, convenient and low-cost alternative to other water purification methods in tough situations.  Simply fill your bottle from any water source and enjoy safe, clean drinking water straight away – free of viruses and bacteria.  Used by humanitarian organisations around the world.


Product Description


Great for everyday use, outdoors, hiking, camping, and your Survival Kit

Filters virus and bacteria

Your Ultimate Convenient Travel Filter:  Instantly Purify Water of Viruses and Bacteria

Includes one filter inside the bottle

Get instant access to safe drinking water, wherever in the world you are, with the 800ml Travel-Safe Water Filter Bottle.

No need for boiling water, purification drops, expensive bottled water and all that stress.

Simply fill your bottle from any water source (tap, stream, river or lake – even in third world countries) and enjoy safe, clean drinking water straight away – free of viruses and bacteria. 

One of the Most Sophisticated Portable Water Purification Devices in the World

The Travel-Safe Water Filter Bottle contains the sophisticated Fill2Pure Advanced Filter.

This is what makes it one of the best in the world:  it removes up to 99.99% of chemicals and other contaminants PLUS it will also protect you against up to 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria in water – something other water filters cannot remove.

The Travel-Safe Water Filter Bottle was Made for You

You need a bottle that is easy, safe and always reliable.

This lightweight Travel-Safe Water Filter Bottle is made from premium quality BPA-free plastic – so it’s safe and made to last through all your explorations.

What about cross-contamination from your hands?  Have no worries because the smart no-touch spout prevents that.

Reduce Your Plastic Footprint & Save Money

Ever thought about how much plastic waste all the bottled water you’ve been consuming creates?  Keep plastic bottles out of landfill and reduce your plastic footprint by using the Travel Safe Water Filter Bottle.  It will also save you money on unnecessary bottled water consumption.

Used by Humanitarian Organisations

Around the world, the Travel-Safe Water Filter Bottle is a proven convenient lifesaver and low-cost alternative to other water purification methods in tough situations.


Product Specs

Capacity:                   800ml

Height:                      21cm

Base:                          6.2cm

Circumference:       26.5cm (widest point of the bottle)

Weight:                    180 grams

Material:                   Made from BPA-free plastic


Note: We recommend that you use your bottle before you travel so if you have any questions it will be much easier to contact us than doing so when you’re out on your exploration. We also recommend you use your bottle on the plane, or carry it on rather than check it into your luggage. Some people check their bottle in and its fine however we have had a few customers check their bottle in and the rough handling has damaged their bottle/filter in their checked luggage. 


Quick Facts:


• The Travel Safe Bottle will come with a Navy Neoprene Sleeve and a hand strap.

• Removes up to 99.9999% of contaminants

• Made from BPA-free non-leaching plastic

• Re-usable with replaceable absolute .2-micron filter

• One filter = 500+ re-fills

• Reduce waste – saves 400 1l bottles

• Save money – just cents per litre

• No-touch spout avoids cross-contamination

• Squeezable for easy flow rate 

• Ideal for third world travel and outdoor use anywhere


Some of the contaminants the 800ml Travel Safe filter bottle removes include:


Up to % Removal:























Nitrates & Nitrites




Radon 222


Many more. See lab tests.




Additional Information

Q: How do I get water out of the travelsafe bottle?

A: If it is a new bottle, make sure you are not tipping the bottle upwards towards the sky as then water cannot flow up through the bottom of the filter.  If the filter is on a stem or a straw, water must be sucked up through the mouthpiece, the base of the bottle must point toward the ground. Gently squeeze the bottle around the widest part (with the neoprene sleeve on it) while you suck up the straw. If you have had a bottle for some time and the flow starts getting slower and becomes clogs, then it is time to replace the filter.

Q: What does BPA-free mean?

A: A BPA-free product is one which does not contain the compound BPA or Bisphenol A. BPA is a compound used to make polycarbonate plastics (clear, shatter proof plastics) and epoxy resins (glues and coatings). This compound has the same properties and mimics the effects of the female hormone estrogen. Research has shown that BPA has a negative effect on fetal and infant brain development and behavior. Links have also been made between BPA consumption and obesity. A study by the Yale School of Medicine in 2008 found a connection between BPA and the interference with the brains cells related to memory, mood and learning. Many other studies have been undertaken and have shown links between BPA and cancer, thyroid dysfunction, reproductive issues and attention deficits. All of our products are BPA-free.

Q: What is the sleeve on the bottle made from?

A: It is made from Neoprene which is a synthetic rubber material (latex-free) which is most commonly used to make wet-suits. This is a fantastic water-resistant material that insulates and cushions. Most neoprene (and the type we use) is lead-safe and free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.


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