Bundle: Replacement Cartridges for the White EXTREME Stainless Steel Filter Bottles x 2 (Save 5%)

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Instantly filters up to 99.99% of contaminants from rivers, lakes and streams.  The Extreme Filter can also remove Radiological contaminants. 

EXTREME Replacement Filter for the Stainless Filter Bottle White   +NZ$37.99

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Extreme Replacement Filter White for Stainless Steel Bottle

This filter fits the Fill2Pure stainless steel bottle. Even if you have previously purchased the Regular or pH Stainless Steel Bottle you can use this filter for travelling overseas or going into the outdoors.

Instantly filters up to 99.99% of contaminants from rivers, lakes and streams.  Can also be used with tap, tank, rain water. 

Capacity is approximately 400 litres, or 500 refills of the bottle.

The size is 21.5cm long and the width is 4.2cm wide at the widest point. 

The Extreme Filter is the perfect companion for travelling to 3rd World Countries and other areas where radioactive material may interact with the groundwater.

There is no need to count the litres, our filters will not expire, but the flow will become slower and slower when it is time to change the filter.  Anything that comes through is filtered to the same high standard. Change the filter when it becomes difficult to process water through it.

The additional Radiological capability of the Extreme Filter includes removal of up to 99.99%:

Plutonium, Radium, Uranium, Gross Beta, Cesium 134&137, Radon 222, and Radioactive Iodine (Tested by the Japanese Govt at Kyoto University)



Additional Information

Q: How much is it per litre?

A: The cost per litre is $0.10.

Q: Will it remove heavy metals?

A: Yes, we remove 99.99% of heavy metals instantly.

Q: Will the filter remove fluoride?

A: Yes, we remove up to 90% of fluoride instantly.

Q: How long does the filter last?

A: 600 litres, or approximately 200 refills. You can keep using the filter until it clogs and will no longer process water. Anything that comes through the filter is safe and pure.

Q: How will I know when to change the filter?

A: When the flow gets slower and slower and you prefer a quicker flow.

Q: How fast does it take to fill the jug with filtered water?

A: Usually about 6 - 10 minutes. However, if the water source you are using is particularly turbid or contaminated it may take longer.

Q: Can I use with salt water?

A: No, to desalinate you would need a desalination machine or distiller, both of which are very expensive options.


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