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SPRITE Royale 5 Setting Fixed Shower Head Filter

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If you suffer from dry skin or  damaged hair after showering, you may be one of many people who suffer from excessive chlorine exposure. For general health use our shower filter to prevent the absorption of chlorine through your skin when you shower everyday.


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Product Description


Enjoy Chlorine Free Showers 

Fixed 5 Setting Massage Shower Head to fit a shower arm

The water filter protects your body against drying and harmful effects of chlorine

This shower head fits a fixed shower arm, simply unscrew your current shower head and replace with our one.  Chlorine is added to municipal tap water to kill harmful micro-organisms. But over-exposure from showering in chlorinated water can damage your hair and skin. 

Fortunately, most chlorine can be removed from water with a specialised chlorine filter. 

It’s quick and easy to install, and there’s no need to flush the filter before use. Once fitted, it instantly removes chlorine from your shower water, protecting you from excessive exposure to this potentially harmful chemical.

The filter is reversible, which means you can extend the life of the filter by switching it around to reverse the water flow each month.

With 5 Massage settings.

Quick facts:  

• Removes up to 99.99% of total chlorine
• Reverse-flow filter extends life
• Life of each filter is 75,000 litres or 9 months per filter
• Fits standard fixed shower arm
• Contemporary chrome design
• Includes shower head, one filter


Additional Information

Q: What does the shower filter remove?

A: Our shower filters remove 99.99% of total chlorine.

Q: How long does each shower filter last?

A: Each filter will last approximately 3 - 6 months.

Q: Is it easy to replace the shower filter?

A: Yes, you simply unscrew your current shower hose and screw on your new complete filtered shower unit.

Q: What types of showers will this shower filter fit?

A: Any fixed shower head shower where you can unscrew the shower head.

Q: Is it easy to install?

A: Yes, you do not need a plumber to install it.

Q: Are replacement filters readily available?

A: Yes, you can buy replacements from our online store.


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