Our Filter Technology

The most Lab and Field Tested portable Water Filter and Purifier in the World

Fill2Pure products are world-leading water filters and purifiers and are the only portable water purifiers in the world that can purify water up to 99.9999% instantly while you drink.

How do Fill2Pure water filters work?

Fill2Pure filters use our patented purification system called "Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration" to remove harmful contaminants from water. The pioneering technology is trusted by military and humanitarian organisations, and tested then proven in third-world environments.

Why chose Fill2Pure?

Many portable water filters are CTO (simple Chlorine Taste & Odour) filters. They're made from a basic carbon technology which reduce only a few contaminants, chlorine, and some heavy metals.

Our filters remove far more contaminants and to a higher percentage than many other water filters. We are the most lab tested and field tested water filter in the world and have over 1 million US dollars of lab tests.